L-Rod - One Handed - Lesson Four
by Joe Smith

Here we go with No. 4...   Now if I can figure out what to say now!  Oh yeah I said I would tell you why I wanted you to dowse the out side of your house instead of inside of the house. The reason is because some of you have already had your house cleared. If that was the case, you wouldn't have found any zones of Det E inside. But out side they would still be there. 

Now when at least 6 of you come forward and say I found some Det E around my house I will show you how to clear it. There are numerous ways to accomplish this feat.

At times dowsing has a lot of intuition in it. You learn to recognize answers before you even dowse for them. Driving down the highway I will automatically reach over and pick up an L rod or a pendulum and within less than 1 mile I will hit an oil zone. 

Or if you look over a piece of property for the best place to drill a well you "know" where it is. It feels like you can see it coming out of the ground. This will come to you in time. When some one is asking you questions, the pendulum will give you the answer before the person asked it. Try it some time. The more you experiment the more you learn. Don't worry about mistakes , they just help you learn. 


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